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Dealing with Psychologically Impacted Properties

According to the last Haunted Home Report (dated 2013) 25% of home shoppers have researched the haunted history of the home they considered buying. If you currently own a home that you consider haunted, don’t let that concern you though. 62% of the people surveyed say that they wouldn’t rule out a property just because it was haunted.


What We Can and Cannot Tell You

When a realtor is asked if a property is haunted (or more commonly, if someone has passed away in the property) it puts us in a very precarious position. My personal belief in Casper can’t determine how I answer that question. There are actual laws behind physiologically impacted properties that I must abide by.

The long and short of it, I cannot tell you (even if I have first-hand knowledge) if you’re going to be annoyed by random footsteps running around your first floor at 2:00 in the morning. If you, as a buyer, have concerns, you must put your question in writing to the seller and the seller has the option to respond or not.

I have only had on instance of a buyer making this request of the seller and the seller refused to answer. In this case, I knew that there was a history of some bad juju.

If You Don’t Believe The Seller

Maybe the seller filled out the property disclosures and checked no to “Does anyone other than yourself have any right to use any part of your property…”  Do you think the seller is allowing a spirit to use the basement and are you concerned the spirit won’t be willing to vacate prior to closing? If so, there are ways you can research the property on your own.

  • Check with the local police department to make sure there is no history of violent crimes at the property.
  • Check with the building department. From my research (of watching many episodes of Ghost Hunters), spirits are attached to the house itself and come out when there are major changes, such are large scale renovations, or tragic events such as fires.
  • Check with your local historic society. With other properties, prior to the 60’s, the building department won’t have records and your police department might not either. Your local historic society may hold the key to who owned the property decades ago and if anything nefarious happened there.


Tried and True Hollywood Methods

If you still don’t feel comfortable, here are some other methods to get rid of those ghouls:

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